Crafty Bungalow

We first met the homeowner to inspect a degraded old group house in D.C.’s Palisades neighborhood. As a design/build firm that focuses on remodeling, we don’t usually recommend tearing down a home, but we dutifully wrote the proposal anyway with the bad news. Shortly after that, the homeowner bought the house and hired our firm to design a new home on the site.

Our customer had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted, a well designed, well constructed bungalow that would blend into the neighborhood. In addition to fidelity to the craftsman spirit and ideals, our client required the integration of sustainable design principles, energy efficiency and quality throughout. He also wanted to recreate the dimension and feel of his living/dining room in his Mount Pleasant home.

The homeowner’s initial request of 2400 square feet did not accommodate all the requirements he was looking for in his new house. At the completion of design, the project had expanded to 4500 square feet. Care was taken during the design phase to ensure that the home’s massing would fit in with the neighborhood and the bungalow aesthetic. Instead of going up, the home extends inconspicuously toward the rear of the lot.

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The front facade of new bungalow, built from scratch.



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