The Old Livery Stable

Stairway inside a condo located in a converted livery stable in Washington DC.

Writing mostly about architecture and design puts me in contact with, um, architects and designers but also with other writers who cover the same subjects.  A long time ago I wrote a piece about home canning for magazine published by HGTV.  Yes, home canning.  Actually, a humorous article on home canning.  It is the only humorous article on home canning I’ve ever written.  Go figure.  Anyway.  My editor on the piece was Jennifer Sergent.  Jennifer went on to edit features for Spaces Magazine and write for a bunch of other people until recently taking a position as Marketing Director of the Washington Design Center.  She forwarded my name to some of her editors which turned into this story.

This one is about a condo in a building that used to be a livery stable.  I like converted building stories.  Washington was not a major player in the industrial revolution so we don’t have many lofts or old factories here but we do have lots of carriage houses and at least one surviving, former livery stable.  Here’s the story…


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