Solar Goes Mainstream

I got interested in alternative energy last year, partially because every house and car story these days has an energy angle to it.  Everybody keeps telling me how solar power is now affordable or almost affordable (depending on who you listen to) and I got curious about whether real people are actually converting their homes to solar.  I found a local company in the DC area installing panels on people’s roofs and also solar panels that are embedded into roof shingles.  Pretty cool huh?  

This story originally appeared on the front page of the Real Estate section of The Washington Post in August of 08.  Since I was working with the Post we did have to go through a few gyrations.  Originally the lead talked about a speech by president Jimmy Carter I remember watching.  He was wearing a sweater and sitting in front of a fireplace talking about energy independence.  

Carter installed solar panels on the the roof of the White House back in the 1970’s – Reagan then removed them a few years later.  Anyway, the editor thought the lead was a “snore” so we pulled the bit about the guinea pigs out of the middle and moved it to the top. I also had 300 words about BP-Solar expanding their PV plant in Frederick, Maryland due to the increased demand for panels – but it got cut.  (Doh!)  Here’s the piece…

Solar Thermal Tubes

Solar Thermal Tubes



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