Potato Salad Recipe

Designing The Perfect Potato Salad

I’m a man who cooks but not because I enjoy it. Here’s what the wife likes to say when we’re discussing whose turn it is to make dinner. “But you like to cook,” she says. Not true. I don’t like to cook. I like to eat. There’s a difference. I like to eat, therefore I have learned how to cook. Which brings me to the semi-regular dinner parties where we invite over the usual cast of knuckleheads along with a few special guest stars. Everybody comes over, they bring love offerings of food or beverages, we throw something on the grill and a good time is had by all.

So we did one of these last Sunday – it seems like they are always on a Sunday and Lisa volunteered to bring ribs which was fine by me. I like to eat ribs but cooking them is an art form that I don’t feel I’ve mastered. My ex-neighbor, John makes excellent ribs but claims that each time he cooks them he’s too impaired to remember how he did it by the time they’re done so every batch is like a whole new recipe. He kids a lot, this John fellow.

Anyway, I didn’t have to worry about the meat I just needed to come up with some kind of original side dish. It’s the end of June, Lisa’s bringing ribs, I’m thinking potato salad might be the way to go. I know without looking that I don’t have a recipe for potato salad but in my fondest memory the best potato salad I’ve ever had is made by my very own mother, who I call for the recipe.

My mother’s cooking repertoire is not vast but she does execute some tasty meals when she’s moved to cook – one of her signature dishes is the potato salad recipe which I will provide right here, totally free of charge along with a few tips I learned along the potato highway. Ready? Here we go…

Step 1. Find five potatoes. I prefer Yukon Gold but if you’re a Russet or a Red lover I’m sure those will work just fine. Grab those suckers and give them a bath – hold the soap.

Step 2. Boil a large pot of water. Once it’s bubbling, drop the potatoes in with the skins on. My mother says boiling them with the skins on is a key to the flavor but she doesn’t know why.

Step 3. Find 4 eggs. I prefer the extra large, cage-free kind but that’s because I’m a liberal thinking, animal loving type.

Step 4. Boil another pan of water and drop the eggs in carefully so they don’t break on impact. Boil the eggs for 8 minutes.

Step 5. Grab an onion and dice it up. I like Vidalias or Vidaliaish this time of year but it can be any kind of onion.

Step 6. Carefully monitor your potatoes by poking them with a fork. You want them cooked but not too mushy. When I did it, they were done when skin started to split.

Step 7. Let the potatoes cool but not too long. Mom says they should burn your hands a bit as you peel them while they are still hot. Does that hurt? Good. You’re on the right track. Same deal with the eggs – peel while warm. Nobody said it was easy, pal.

Step 8. Cut up a potato up into the size of bits you like your potato salad to be and throw them in a large bowl. Cut up an egg and throw him in. Chop up some dill pickles and toss them in. Salt and pepper to taste, repeat. I salted and peppered as I threw each potato in to make sure they all got a good dose of seasoning – but that’s just me. I’m also a fan of Mrs. Dash and I use her quite a bit.

Step 9. Once they’re all in the bowl grab a jar of mayo. I used real mayo in this case although I usually use Miracle Whip – I think either one will do the trick. Dollop a load of that stuff in there, stir it up, cover and set in the fridge to cool. Want to make it look more festive? Sprinkle on some paprika.

Step 10. Eat homemade potato salad for the next week. Happy summer everybody….

Mrs. Dash: http://www.mrsdash.com/

Scott Sowers

The Last of the Potato Salad

The Last of the Potato Salad


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